Friday, June 5, 2009

From Here From Here by Zoe Skoulding

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This gem of a chapbook is the result of a collaboration between poet Zoë Skoulding and visual artist Simonetta Moro. Like many of the images, the poems offer an account of urbanity viewed through a telescope--giving that feeling of random specificity and disjointedness ("everything side by side in static / histories that never happen here.") Like all good ekprastic work, the poems do not stray far from the images sense of confinement, but are not fettered by the physicality or physical information of the artwork.

Other images resemble aerial views of landscapes, and the poems appropriately expand upon the urban narrative with a rural one, exploring the dialectic between the two. The formal consistency between the images and words, each image being roughly circular and more or less figurative, and poems, about page length, left-justified, spaces between lines, works well. This is an excellent example of a successful collaborative project between visual artist and poet.

(As an aside, Skoulding is from the UK, so her British spellings are not an affect...)

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Awesome! Ypolita thanks you.